Cab driver’s anti-crime drive

Mojacar resident launches novel WhatsApp group chat to combat recent rise in burglaries

Mojacar taxi driver Ginés Artero is behind the novel crime-fighting WhatsApp group

By Richard Torné

A Mojacar taxi driver who recently launched a WhatsApp group chat to alert residents of criminal activity in the area says the initiative has proved so successful membership has almost quadrupled in less than a month.

Ginés Artero, 45, launched the ‘Alertas y Seguridad’ (alerts and security) WhatsApp group at the end of January following a spike in burglaries in Mojacar and after seeing friends start up a similar initiative in Cantoria, Huércal Overa and Olula del Río.

In one incident two weeks ago, three hooded men were chased by police after breaking into a property in the Mojacar neighbourhood of Cuesta de los Almeces thanks to an alert flagged up by a  member of the group.


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