More information – exercise and walks from Saturday (May 2)


The government has given more information about their system for talking exercise during the state of emergency.

The new regulations come into force tomorrow (May 2).

Minister for health Salvador Illa said they have divided the population into three groups for the sport/exercise and walks – and set up different timetables for them to prevent the population going out en masse at the same time.

He noted that people over the age of 70 and those with special needs have dedicated time slots ‘in order to protect them due their vulnerability’. These are from 10.00-12.00 and from 19.00-20.00.

Adults are able to go out once a day to walk or take exercise/do sport between 06.00 and 10.00, or 20.00 and 23.00.

However, if for medical reasons (which have to be accredited) a person is recommended to take exercise outside those time slots then they may do so, according to the ministry for health.

This also applies to people who can certify that they are carers for ‘the elderly, minors or people with disabilities’.

People who are practising sport must do it alone, whereas those who are going for a walk/stroll can go with one other person who lives under the same roof, or their ‘habitual carer if this is necessary’.

For sport, people are not permitted to enter sports installations, which will remain closed.

They cannot take a motor vehicle or use public transport to go to practise sport.

The ministry has not put a distance limit on sport (as they have for strolls – 1km), but stated that it must be done within the confines of the resident’s municipality.

According to the ministry, ‘in order to allow people to keep a safe distance from others, local councils will divide up public spaces for those who are walking or using a bicycle’.

The ministry has asked people to avoid busy areas and not make unnecessary stops on paths, thoroughfares or in public spaces.

Costa Blanca News understands that the ministry for health is due to publish a guide with more detailed information.

When this becomes available we will publish the information.



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