‘Stage Left’


The play was pretty dire
The acting much the same
The leading man unable
To play nothing but a dame
He strutted like a peacock
His delivery off whack
If it wasn’t for the umpteen prompts
I’d have asked my money back
But I knew I had to sit there
Bored to death before Act Two
Just because I was a critic
Who had to write the play’s review
The best part was the interval
After limited applause
If I wasn’t paid to watch it all
I’d have fled through the open doors
As it was after hasty G and T’s
The play became amusing
I laughed when an actor slipped and fell
The result of too much boozing
I booed the villain rather loud
I clapped before the ending
Security then turfed me out
My review is now still pending
But honestly the play was crap
The acting was appalling
Then I realised I wasn’t at a play
But parliament’s re calling.

By David Whitney©2023


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