Rubbish piling up inland too


July 25

We saw the article ‘Rubbish piles up’ in the newspaper of last Friday. It is not only in Orihuela Costa but also in the urbanisations further away from the coastline.

Attached are some images of the situation last week on the urbanisation Vistabella Golf.

Indeed there is an absence of service due to the fact that the former council omitted to deploy the 80 extra workers, and there is a lack of bins.

On our urbanisation Vistabella Golf there are more than 700 dwellings, but only 2 bins for cardboard/paper and 2 for plastic bottles/cans/tetrapacks – so one can hardly blame the people arriving with their rubbish finding overloaded bins.

Finally they came to empty the bins, but what about all the waste that was left around the bins? In the end some volunteers started to clean the mess.

But it must be said that the behaviour of some people is also the cause of this mess.

Only foreigners live on the urbanisation; they know very well how to deal with the waste in their own country, but some here flout all guidelines.

Until the change of council in the spring of 2021, everything indicated that the PP would tackle this problem, but suddenly all communication stopped and our emails were not even answered.

Shortly before the elections, a major clean-up campaign suddenly started, but that too has now been extinguished after the elections of May 28.

We hope that these problems will finally be tackled with the new government team.

Frans Soenen


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