House Insurance Claims – part 2


November 14, 2017

I wrote to you recently about a freak accident involving a dressing table, which caught on fire due to refracted light from the sun hitting a freestanding mirror.
I am happy to report that the very well known insurer caved in to ‘persuasion’ and agreed to send an assessor to my home to witness the actual item including the very obvious hole in it caused by the fire. However, I am equally unhappy to report that the assessor in a rush to get to his next job in Jávea forgot to submit a report so that when I phoned the company two weeks later they didn’t know what I was talking about!
One week further down the line and I have had their decision. It seems the assessor in his wisdom decided (although by then he clearly could not recollect his flying visit) that there had been no flames and apparently, the cover is predicated on the presence of flames.
When I first reported the incident to the company, I was very clear that there had been flames that I had to smother in order to put the fire out. At that stage, I had no idea of the terms and conditions of my policy – I was simply relating what had happened. After all, a fire by definition always includes at least one flame.
This is just their latest excuse; my word against theirs and obviously I lose. I am being labelled a liar by inference yet again and I can do nothing to prove I don’t go in for fraud. It is such an insulting indictment of my character and integrity that I have made a second formal complaint that I am quite sure will be disregarded but I feel compelled to continue challenging the promotion and sales of their completely valueless policies.
A word to the wise; don’t bother to take out contents insurance – it’s money down the drain. If there’s an excuse not to pay, you can rest assured they will find it. That’s how they get rich

Bernice Brandt-Wisniak

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