It could happen to you!


November 15, 2017

Watch out, watch out there really is a thief about! Please be vigilant especially ladies with your handbags.
Some of you will know my dear friend Creana from Glamour Glamour Fashions – Creana had her handbag stolen last week.
She was in Crevillente hard at work as usual when for security she put her handbag in the rear foot well of her car and closed the door, but before she had even got into the driver’s seat a young man opened the rear door took her handbag and made off with it.
Creana gave chase but he ran very fast, got into a car, and was off.
She was understandably very upset and shaken and was robbed not just of considerable cash but also her bankcard and driver’s licence, and more importantly some very personal and important things that were in her bag.
Please take great care of your belongings and perhaps take a look again at what you carry with you and if it would be safer at home.
There is a saying the naked man fears no pick pockets – now I am not suggesting we should all become naturists besides the colder weather is upon us in Spain but do be vigilant and ladies check out your handbags – although I am usually a bit of a sloth where these things are concerned I have already done mine!

Susan Reader

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