Healthcare complaint

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Ciudad Quesada,
October 9

Dear sir/madam,

As you can see from enclosed letter I am having problems with my health centre.

I am not alone in this, a lot of my friends and members of my ladies club experienced similar problems.

Misdiagnosis, incorrect medication prescribed and generally a careless approach to people’s health.

I have witnessed reception staff being rude and abrupt with older people who are distressed and need understanding.

If you need a blood test everyone is given same time and it’s very public with at least four person’s blood being taken at the same time. You have to request follow-up procedures like X-rays.

Most people living in and around Quesada are English, Scottish and Irish and most of the staff have little or no English. Most people arranged to have their medical cover transferred to Spain so it’s our own government paying costs of our health care.

I just think this situation warrants some investigation and hopefully some improvements in the current situation. Your paper is ideal to check out these details and help people using the centre.

Linda Lee


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