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June 17, 2017

Dear Editor
Judging by the results from the British election, one has to wonder whether some people in Britain have lost their marbles. Yes, the entire campaigns by all parties were as dull as dishwater, short on facts and figures, but long on trivia and insults. And as for the leaders’ debates, exactly what did they achieve?
How could people vote for a party led by a well-known terrorist’s friend and sympathiser, and no, you don’t need to put a weapon in their hand; to merely support them is enough to place you there with them! After all, you can judge a person by the company they keep.
A “friend” to the IRA, Hamas and Hezbollah, and who deemed that the death of Bin Laden was a tragedy, and he wants to be Prime Minister by Christmas. Well, you can’t say you haven’t been warned! This is the same man who voted against anti-terror measures on at least 17 occasions, and soon reversed his view on the “shoot-to-kill” policy after the tragic events in London!
Even now, he is trying to score a few cheap political points over the so shocking Grenfell House tower block fire, whilst it was still smoking and an unknown number of people missing or dead. This could be the next Prime Minister!
Just how low can one go? And now we have the second part of the Labour party in John McDonnell who is urging one million people to demonstrate in protest against the government on the streets of London. If you can’t get your own way democratically (there’s that word again!) then try mob rule. A certain vote winner that is. And if, as he says, the police are short on manpower, just how are they supposed to manage a million-person demo? At such an emotional and raw time, when their resources are needed elsewhere?
And of course there is always Ms Diane (two plus two must equal at least five). To recruit, is it 10,000 policemen and women at 30 pounds each, or is it 30,000 pounds each? She says she was born in London, but does not feel British!
And as for bias, look no further than the blatant biased BBC, and of course their most biased reporter is Laura Kuenssberg, where every Conservative reverse was a cause for a day of national celebration. There can be no doubt that this corporation is a fully paid-up member of the Labour party. The woman is supposed to give a clear and unbiased report, but really she is only too happy to use air time for her own views!
According to reports (not necessarily in their manifesto), Labour have pledged to spend around 93 billion pounds, around 10 billion of which is to cover the cost of abolishing student fees (no wonder they all voted for him!). Around 15 billion pounds to build 100,000 council houses each year (where exactly?). The free child care which he forgot, but would cost around 5.3 billion at latest figures. Of course, there are to be the re-nationalisations of key industries such as National Grid, Royal Mail, railways? And hopefully protect the pensions of such employees as well? Maybe Mr Corbyn does actually grow “magic money trees” on his allotment!
Of course, don’t let us forget the Labour minister Liam Byrne, who left the famous note in the Treasury when they lost the 2010 election (I’m afraid there is no money left). Could use the same note again if Labour enter the Treasury next. So many people have forgotten that already!
But, never mind, Mr Corbyn will soon remedy that by asking companies and the rich (class war again) to pay “just a little bit more”!
To finish with a quotation from Abraham Lincoln: “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and you can fool all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time”!
Let us hope that there will be enough money left to pay our pensions, or Britain could be following Greece.

N J Whiteside

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