May 18

2019 was a sad year as a child in a family of seven children who were all close even as we grew older. Last year was sad, my youngest sister Linda died in January, and my eldest sister and closest brother died at the end of the year, I had lost my friends and my family!!

The pandemic crisis came and we were self-isolated for our own good. Imagine my surprise when in March I received an email which said ‘Email from Linda Cutts’ in large capital letters???

I opened it with horror not knowing what to think, and the email said, ‘Hi Margaret thought of you when I saw this and decided to send it to you!!’ It was a seven-page advert from some company or the other, who over a year ago had infiltrated my sister’s email account and her connections for their own use. I was upset and disgusted, I sent my thoughts back to the company, but realised this is now accepted behaviour!!

We live in times when the human race is waking up to the needs of others and appreciating the courage of our front line workers, but unfortunately there are still some humans out for their own ends!!! No matter how hurt they make us feel we have to accept this.


Margaret Carney


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