Benidorm bashing

April 14
Dear Editor
I thought we had enough of the likes of the Sun and the Mirror bashing Benidorm on a regular basis, but I never thought they would be joined by yourself. I refer to your Vox Pop column in last week’s edition entitled Elections and cement-mixers.
Benidorm is literally the goose that lays the golden eggs for this area and exaggeratedly calling it ‘Raqqa’ is not only derogatory it will also make many potential holidaymakers and our customers book their holidays elsewhere.
I’m tired of seeing UK tabloids bash Benidorm, so I certainly don’t appreciate it in a ‘local’ paper that should be defending our ‘local community interests’.
I see you praise Finestrat where building work has caused havoc to La Cala restaurants also. I can only suppose the ‘Alcalde’, who you so ‘nicely’ interviewed a few weeks ago, has a lot to do with this and I will surely see adverts for his campaign in your paper next month.
Despite this issue I must say do enjoy my Costa Blanca News every week, so I look forward to seeing this in print (if it gets the chance).
A concerned Benidorm business owner
Dear Sir
I regret you have been upset by my column. I must point out above all that it is an ‘opinion’ column and doesn’t represent the editorial line of the newspaper, which for over 47 years now has constantly ‘taken sides’ with Costa interests and Benidorm’s specifically. I agree we don’t want to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs, but having a building site in almost every district (as you well know) is not exactly doing it any favours.
I talked to several Benidorm business owners before writing the column, and all were tired of the roadworks – one of them is now closing his jewellery store because no-once could reach it! As for your suggestion of favouritism towards Finestrat, I can only refer you to our news pages (North edition) where you will see the roads are now open – very unlike the Plaza Triangular, Avenida Mediterraneo, Avenida Ametla de Mar….and no need to go on. Benidorm is the goose laying the golden eggs, but it should tidy up its nest first.

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