Britons brace for Brexit


British residents in Spain are bracing for an end of January Brexit after Boris Johnson’s Conservative party won a parliamentary majority in the UK general election yesterday.

Spain’s acting PM Pedro Sánchez tweeted his congratulations to Mr Johnson this morning.

Sr Sánchez gave his support for an ‘orderly Brexit which guarantees the rights and freedoms of citizens’.

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  1. at last! is the island out of the EU. The constant special requests, starting with the Thatcher discount, permanent special requests. Thank goodness that’s over. England, like the USA, now has a clown at the top. Certainly the negotiations of a contract about the future economic relations will not be finished like the blonde liar in 11 months. The EU will show its teeth. For medical care, the expats have to go to England and the excellent health service there, unless they pay in Spain. bye and will not come back to the EU


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