Held to ransom at Spanish customs

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November 11

I don’t know if my story is newsworthy but I have a feeling it might be. In early September I sent my friend in La Zenia a pair of electric guitar pickups and a guitar pick up template for his birthday.

He is building guitars and training to be a Luthier. The value of the package approx £200. I explained all this at the post office and the package was sent.

He heard nothing for almost two months and when after tracking the package told him it was being held in customs he contacted Correos. He was then told he had to pay a fee of €89.

After paying the fee he then had to send the receipts which I forwarded. He has now been asked to provide the credit card statements or bank account details to show the money came out of my account.

He still hasn’t received the package. If I wasn’t directly involved in this I wouldn’t believe it.

I have a property and car in La Zenia and have always paid my NRT and Suma etc. Since buying my property in Orihuela Costa I have also purchased two new cars and invested in updating and changing my property.

I have invested a considerable amount of time and money into this area of Spain. I have contacted the British Consul in Alicante but said they can’t do anything. I think the Spanish people are welcoming friendly and very patient. Thank you for your time

Gary Wimbush

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