Dog owner’s lament


July 21

Five years ago I bought a house on the coast just south of Torrevieja and I have been very happy here with my little rescue dog, UNTIL this year!!!

This year we have a dog hating Mayor in Torrevieja! During the Covid months we were harassed endlessly by the officious Guardia Officers, sending us indoors whenever we emerged from our houses to walk our dogs!

With the slight easement of rules our dog hating Mayor closed the dog beach at Playa Flamenca and confined all dogs to a small, stony, dangerous inlet next to the Nautilus Restaurant!! Since then we have had constant Police Patrols to prevent dog owners using beaches or rocky areas anywhere around the coast! What a waste of police time and expertise! This begins to resemble very closely, a Police State!

DOG OWNERS – vote with your feet and your wallets! Spend your money where you feel welcome, and if Torrevieja feels the loss, so be it! We are many and we are being treated shabily in the Torrevieja area! We feel like third class citizens and this is our only recourse.

When Torrevieja votes out this Mayor and gets a more liberal one, I shall return with my oh so needed euros!

With best regards
Helen Heil

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