Mojacar building site from hell

Noise and dust from Pueblo Indalo extension works make residents' lives "unbearable"

Robert Wallbridge at the construction site near the street where he lives

By Emma Randle

A group of Mojacar residents has complained to the council after suffering weeks of “excessive” dust and noise from a construction site in the middle of the residential area known as El Cantal.

They claim the council has failed to ensure work to construct 88 additional apartments and a 600 space car park at the Pueblo Indalo holiday complex complies with noise control and environmental pollution regulations.

The site is located near two formerly quiet residential streets, Calle Zubaran and Calle Picasso.

However since the work started around three months ago residents say they have been subjected to construction noise from around 8am till 7pm, with large lorries thundering up and down the narrow one way streets, and constant dust that settles in a thick layer on every surface and turns to mud when it rains.

Speaking to Costa Almería News on location, resident Robert Wallbridge, whose house has an uninterrupted sight and sound line to the works, said the disturbance has been “intolerable” and that both Mojacar council and the owner, Best Hotels, should have liaised with residents to “minimise the impact on their lives” and “ensure compliance with environmental regulations”.


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