Wines for Christmas Day 2019


I always like to start Christmas Day with some fizz! Here in Spain, these days, we have a multitude of sparkling wines from which to choose. Regular readers will know that there have been, in fact ongoing, changes in the sparkling wine scene in Spain. DO Cava has taken some more hits this year, with another 9, high quality producers deciding to abandon the DO, and it’s a sparkler made by one of these respected producers that I’ve chosen for my opening recommendation.
Perhaps I should point out that I am not one who is deserting Cava, there is still excellent quality Cava being made, rivalling, as I’ve often said, that which is vaunted (by themselves!) the Sparkling Wine by which all others should be judged – Champagne! However, Torelló is a producer of superb sparkling wine, until this year, Cava, but now known as Corpinnat Sparkling Wine.
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