Disgusted at incorrect reporting 

October 15
Dear sirs,
I am a Spanish national who is deeply concerned about the situation in Cataluña, but even more worried about the way some international media are reporting it.
Having lived many years in Britain, my English is good enough to fully understand BBC and PA reports on the incidents at El Prat airport last week. Separatist activists decided the best way to protest against the Supreme Court sentence was to further damage the international image of Cataluña by targeting passengers and their families, many of whom are from abroad and probably know nothing about the independency delusions of extreme nationalist parties and associations.
The reports in such media read that police (without even bothering to state that it was actually the Mossos de Esquadra regional force controlled by the Generalitat nationalist regional government) ‘fired with foam bullets and used batons against protesters’ who then ‘fought back throwing objects and releasing fire extinguishers’. WTF??? Just look at the TV footage or speak to those who where at the airport (I happened to know a few) and they will inform you it was exactly the opposite: protesters became violent, began hurling things at the police and it was only then that ‘the police responded’ with foam bullets and ballots –mainly to defend themselves and protect innocent passengers and the airport.
Did any these international media group actually have reporters at El Prat – I think not.
Such biased and completely misleading reports by UK media is sickening to those of us who love Spain and love Cataluña as part of it.
People in Barcelona are sick and tired of all this independency lark that has only caused major damage to many commercial establishments in Barcelona city that constantly have to close doors to avoid being vandalised during the so-called ‘pacific’ separatists rallies.
Pacific protests do not include defacing public monuments, vandalising public furniture and intimidating anyone who think differently.
Pacific protestors do not wreck airports, sabotage railways, block roads with burning tyres or attack OAPs for displaying a Spanish flag (why didn’t the BBC report on that incident?). If you do that, then your protest is far from pacific and can only be regarded as violent. Such violent attitudes were encouraged two years ago by Catalan separatists politicians who have now been delivered the sentence any other citizen would have got for rallying groups to protest and organise an illegal activity (non-approved referendum)… and had the guts to use taxpayers’ money to do it all.
They were not sentenced for being Catalans, politicians or extreme nationalists, they were imprisoned for the criminal acts they committed – that’s what should be reported and not the propaganda being sent out from Waterloo by Mr Puigdemont – who I hope will be the next to face justice instead of hiding away and letting his minions pay for his delusions.
Visca Cataluña and Viva España – altogether
Jaume Domenech


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