Number of coronavirus cases in Spain reaches 250


THE number of active coronavirus cases in Spain rocketed this week and currently stands at around 250 – with almost 100,000 worldwide.
Of the total number of patients, 10 have already overcome the virus according to the latest public health announcement, while three elderly patients with previous health problems have died.
There are at least three cases of minors among the overall count, but doctors insist that in these cases symptoms are very mild, even ‘comparable to the common cold’.


  1. Please could you tell me .is it safe to travel to denia on the 5th April ..really worried about our holiday …my friend who is 64 and as got COPD is really scared of going on holiday

    • We can only advise contacting the FCO and the NHS regarding oversees travel.
      Flights to Alicante-Elche airport have not been disrupted – apart from flight to Italy.
      The situation in this area of Spain is not as bad as Madrid or the Basque Country.
      However, no-one knows how the situation could develop and risk groups are advised to take extra care.


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