Financial Advice for Americans in Spain Has Arrived


Peter Dougherty, a financial planner at BISSAN Wealth Management of Spain, has written a book: “The Dougherty Code: Secrets of Financial Planning in Spain Revealed”.  Because Dougherty is an American with financial advisory credentials in both Spain and the United States, the book offers financial advice tailored to Americans living in Spain.

As Independent Book Review wrote about The Dougherty Code:

“When making the heart-pounding, life altering decision to move from the United States to Europe, many people consider the finances before the trip: flights, apartments, etc. However, how often does one think about what finances will be once there?

Navigating an American citizenship and European finances can be a treacherous road. This is an issue that Peter Dougherty, the author of The Dougherty Code, has realized and decided to tackle with this book. A former Wall Street bond specialist, Dougherty realized the limitations of his career and decided to move to Spain. In a financial advisory market that is currently saturated by robo-advisors and artificial intelligence, Dougherty hopes to offer human advice to American expats traversing investments.

Rather than immediately confront the reader with financial knowledge, Dougherty begins The Dougherty Code by telling a story of learning Spanish “drip by drip” and working hard. This inclusion sets the tone nicely for the rest of the book. Dougherty does not expect the reader or any of his clients to have an expansive knowledge on the intricacies of European and American policies; thus, he provides the information in this “drip by drip” format. It’s broken down in a hospitable way that many will appreciate.

Although the brunt of the book is to assist American expats in Spain and to explain the methodology of BISSAN Wealth Management, where Dougherty works as a financial planner, this information can also be helpful to U.S. expats everywhere. The chapter entitled “Americans in Spain” is especially enlightening on the uniqueness of United States taxes. It hones in on particular tax laws that are imperative to learn about for those that are American citizens and live abroad anywhere.

Charming and witty, The Dougherty Code emblazons the financial world for American expats living in Europe.”

Peter Dougherty holds a Certificate in Financial Planning from Northwestern University in Chicago and an MBA from Columbia Business School in New York.  He is a European Financial Planner (EFP) in Spain and a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor® in the United States.

BISSAN Wealth Management is an independent financial advisory company in Spain which is authorized and supervised by the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV).  It has offices in both Barcelona and Bilbao.


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