Missing Briton Caz found safely in Valencia hospital


CONCERNED friends who had not seen a British lady for almost a month have finally located her in a Valencia hospital after a frantic appeal.
Caz Williams, aged 66, was reported missing by her pool cleaner, who had become concerned after noticing unopened bills, and warnings that due to excessive consumption, her water was about to be cut off.
Friends then realised that the last sighting of Caz was on 22 November, and subsequent enquiries found that her car had been found abandoned in Benissa and taken away by police, where on the same day, she had withdrawn cash from an ATM. Her bank card had not been used since.
It was eventually revealed by Benissa medical centre that she had collapsed in Moraira and had been taken to Denia hospital, where she had received treatment.
However, believing she had been released, the trail of her whereabouts ran cold, and there had been no further sightings of her.
Fearing the worst, her friends launched an urgent appeal both through social networks and through an email campaign to try and locate her.
The same evening, a social worker at Denia hospital who had been helping Caz had contacted a friend after hearing of her disappearance, to inform her that Caz had in fact not been discharged at all, but had been transferred to La Fe hospital, where she was undergoing treatment for Leukaemia.
Relived friend Andrew Johnson said, “They have located her in hospital in La Fe, near Valencia. Today has proved the value of the outstanding community network here.”
She will be discharged this week, and her relieved friends will care for her in her home in Moraira.

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