Extra lynxes arrive


Another four Iberian lynxes have been released into acclimatisation enclosures in the highlands of Lorca by Murcia regional government.

Continuing with the region’s participation in the EU Life+ project LynxConnect, two females – Tova and Turma; and two males – Tilo and Tinajero (which were named by schoolchildren) follow the four others which have already been released completely into the wild this year.

The objective is to establish a sufficiently large population with 15 reproducing females and a similar number of males, explained regional president Fernando López Miras.

“There is no better way to celebrate this June 5, World Environment Day, than taking this new step to reintroduce the Iberian lynx in the region,” he said.

Full report in Friday’s Costa Blanca News

Read more in this week’s print edition or go to e-paper


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