Bisaurín (2,670 metres)

The summit ridge of Bisaurín

BISAURÍN is the highest peak in this western section of the Pyrenees, with the giants of the range grouped in the centre of the mountain chain, strung out along the border with France.
It is a very accessible summit, with no great technical difficulty involved in the ascent. There is a steep climb from the Foratón pass (2,016 metres), with more than 600 metres of ascent still to negotiate. However, no climbing moves are needed and in August dozens of walkers can be seen streaming up the slope. The difficulty comes in the descent, as the path is worn in places, making it slippery on loose stone.
Heading up to the Foratón pass, the walker passes though woodland, then up a spectacular canyon, before emerging at a high mountain area of rolling pasture land.

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