Rumpus continues over dog beach


Torrevieja town hall’s decision to close two dog beaches set up by the previous council and create a new area at a rocky cove in the south of the municipality is continuing to cause controversy.

This week the Sueña Torrevieja party stated that they had found ‘the small print’ in the decree which states that dogs will have to be banned from the beach for four months of the year due to its protection status

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  1. How ridiculous ~ so the Suena Party are saying NO DOGS allowed on the beaches because it is “proected” but it is “absolutely fine” to let anybody plonk themselves down, leave all thier crap on the beach that they cannot be arsed to take home, so the the local community can clear it up.. oh and also walk all over the fenced off nature reserve just recently replanted .. sorry! but people and there animals have just come out of a 3 month lock-down and the best this council can up with is more restrictions being inforced by the guardia everyday in this area ..

  2. Loose gravel thrown over razor sharp volcanic rock that is lethal to people and dogs. This is not a beach it is a safety hazard. And do not forget the undertow that this stretch of coast is famous for if you or your dog do manage to negotiate the rocks and enter the water. The Ayuntamiento has definitley lost the plot with this fiasco.


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