Villa break-in


May 23, 2016

Dear Editor
We returned to our villa on Sunday, May 15 from a very enjoyable lunch out to find our patio doors had been damaged and forced open, the bedroom trashed and all our holiday money, iPad and – worst of all – jewellery (which was sentimental, presents up to 50 years ago) stolen.
My question: the Guardia Civil did come out to us and were sympathetic (we are elderly), but they didn’t check for fingerprints, etc. Is crime so expected these days? And what can normal law-abiding people do to keep thieves from just rampaging through their homes?

Hope you can advise us.
Thank you

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  1. Sadly crime is very much expected and little to nothing is done to either investigate it or provide a solution. Preventative measures can be taken but expecting safe surroundings is pure folly. Such is the state of the nation now and realistically being a foreign national means being at the perceived bottom of the barrel when it comes to the authorities.


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