Too much golf


May 11, 2016

I have been meaning to write to your paper for some time regarding the amount of print space that you provide to the golf clubs in the area.
There are usually five, sometimes six, pages of totally uninteresting drivel about the local golf clubs.
This is probably only of interest to the members of these clubs and not to the majority of your readers, like me, who would like to read more of general world sports.
But no, you just cram a few pages with the rest of the sporting news. This is hardly representative of what one would call normal sports coverage.
I’ve heard of good books as being page-turners, well the golf pages are real quick page turners for me.

Tony McCarthy

Thank you for your honest opinion. As you know, our sports news coverage is the widest on the Costa Blanca with 14 pages dedicated to it. As a local community newspaper we also appreciate that local sports must have preferential coverage.
I admit there are many golf clubs represented in our sports section and for non-golfers this can seem unnecessary – I can assure you we have many complaints when one is left out! – but we also offer space to local bowls, rugby and other clubs.
In addition we have the exclusive local football round-up by Eddie Cagigao and several pages dedicated to national and international sports. I do appreciate your comments and we will endeavour to include coverage on other local sporting events – I‘ll take the opportunity to call upon organisers and clubs to contact us regarding this.



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