The Valencian language

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Dear CBN

Please thank Barnaby Bouchard for an excellent article about Sueca (CBN, Living – 16th June). It is indeed a lovely town and I visit it frequently on my early morning bike tours from Valencia city.

However, could I just point out that the language spoken in Sueca, other than Spanish, and indeed in most of the towns and villages of the Comunidad is actually Valenciano and not Catalan.

Should he doubt this, I invite him to visit the home page of the Ayuntamiento de Sueca where he will find that it is presented in Valenciano, with the option to read it in Spanish – top right of main page – VAL/ES.

The two languages have many similarities but the main difference is in the writing – Valenciano uses many more accents than Catalan.

Nevertheless, a good article and thank you again.

John Wallace – Valencia.

Thanks for your letter John. As you point out, Valenciano is classed as a different language.
Debate rages over whether it should be, due to the fact that they are pretty much identical.
However, as you say, it comes down to the official classification – therefore it should have said ‘Valencian’.

The Editor

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