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  1. A tiny minority? At least 1.7% of the world’s population, that’s more than the population of the UK.
  2. I agree marriage is the ideal environment for raising a family. Whether you are straight or gay, this has no impact on how children are raised. A loving, stable relationship cemented in law, a law passed by a democratic government, so you and your backward options cannot change.
  3. Why did you choose to live in Spain? One of the most tolerant countries in the world for both immigration and LGBT rights. Move back to Africa and one of the backward regimes that you obviously feel more comfortable with.

Steve Carpenter

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  1. Steve Carpenter misses the blindingly obvious: same sex couples cannot procreate and produce children. Fundamental truths are not backward opinions (or options). Charles Darwin proposes that evolution occurs when beneficial mutations give a species a reproductive advantage over its competitors resulting in their extinction. Again, same-sex couples act against the biological reality of what it is to be human. Reproduction is the most basic concept in biology. No politically correct opinions can alter this reality.
    Those with same-sex attraction deserve all the legal protections of heterosexual couples and are enshrined in legislation. Changing the meaning of a word like ‘gay’ is one thing. Demanding a change in a basic human institution is another thing all together – and legislation cannot alter this.

  2. p.s. to my previous post: Steve Carpenter says 1.7% of the population is not a tiny minority but he mistakenly assumes that they all voted for same-sex marriage which they did not. Some were happy with the protections and rights given them by Civil Partnerships.


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