Shockingly light sentence for dangerous driving

Louie Howlett's wildly reckless behaviour put innocent road users at risk

I AM getting used to staring opened-mouthed at news of ridiculous sentences handed down by our courts… but the latest takes the biscuit.
On Tuesday, an idiotic driver who was caught speeding at 154 miles per hour on a dual carriageway in Suffolk was only given a 56-day driving ban.
That his wildly reckless behaviour endangered his own life and put innocent road users at risk seems too obvious to mention, but perhaps it escaped the notice of the magistrate who sentenced Louie Howlett, 21.
Breaking the speed limit by such a shocking amount should’ve been punished severely with a several-year ban and some jail time, or at least many hours of community service.
There has to be zero tolerance of dangerous driving.
Not only to punish the guilty, but also to act as a strong deterrent to other boy and girl racers. The prosecution must appeal this ludicrous sentence.


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