Petition against ITV ‘Home Fires’


May 27

Hi to you all at Costa Blanca News. You may or may not know that ITV has decided not to make a third series of ‘Home Fires’. This is the drama series about the amazing work of the WI during WW2.
In response to this, a campaign has been set up by outraged viewers to reverse this decision. I am one of the HOMIES involved.
We need as many signatures as possible for the petition:
For once we have a series that tells us how it really was for those on the Home Front. If you could sign the petition and share it as much as possible it would be wonderful.
It seems we have also managed to set off a jam offensive! Read this if you have time to find out how that all kicked off!
We seem to be causing quite a stir!
These are just a few of the many articles. We have the WI, TV critics, radio presenters and a host of actors, writers, etc behind us. If ITV digs their heels in, the aim is to find another network that will take it on.
There are also many other ways to get involved. Join us on:
Twitter #savehomefires
Letters of complaint and jars of jam, preserves, etc (yes, this really is happening!) can be sent to:
Adam Crozier /Kevin Lygo
The London Television Centre
Upper Ground
A jar of jam is a symbol of the WI. I am sure Julie Summers, author of The Jambusters, would be available for an interview. Would make a change from news on Brexit! Anyway, if you can help in any way we would really appreciate it.
Thank you for taking the time to read through all this information.

Best wishes
Geraldine Pointing

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