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July 25, 2016

Dear Sir

I would like to comment on your front page article in the Costa Blanca News No 2198 concerning Audrey Dixon.

My wife and I were victims of this lady’s escapade in running off with all our money and not getting the house we hoped to buy and losing all our money, a total of €120,000.We were purchasing a bungalow in Torrevieja.

The property was vacant so the owner, a Brit, said we could rent it and move in to decorate and get it to how we wanted while the deal was going through. We agreed and also agreed to pay €400 a month until it was all finalised. This was in the January and we then spent nearly €7,000 refurnishing and decorating. In the March it all fell through after she ran off with all the money so we had to vacate the bungalow bearing all what we had bought because we had replaced all the furniture there.

Our case had been with a solicitor in Los Montesinos and we had also presented all our paperwork to the courts in Torrevieja.We were in constant touch with the solicitor throughout and last year we had a phone call informing us that the courts had dropped the case as it had been going on too long. She left us virtually destitute and even at one stage coming up to Christmas one year my wife had to sell all her gold jewellery to see us through the year. We have scrimped and saved and moved quite a few times, in fact we lived in a cave at one time.

I was offered a gun and a bullet for €20 by someone in Pinoso, where we lived at a time, but that would not have done me any good.

I don’t suppose we shall get any of our money back if she ever does go to court, but it would be nice to see some justice done, not only for me but the others who also were robbed by her.

Hope this received your attention.

K.R. Cox

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