More sense in one letter than in 3 years


Guardamar del Segura
December 9

The elderly chap who wrote to you about Brexit claimed to be uneducated and illiterate but unless you altered his letter a lot, he seemed more likely to be a good journalist or ex-journalist.
He talked more sense in one letter than I have heard or seen in two or three years regarding the Brexit shambles. I have consumed and suffered enough idiotic twaddle on this subject to last me a lifetime, some of it in your pages, as you have to print various views.
I would vote for him any day rather than that clown Boris Johnson or Herr Farage, who has German ancestry like his friend Mr Trump, and whose children have German passports. So they will be OK then. What fools he made of the leave voters. He certainly has contempt for some of the people in UKIP and has said so. What a nest of vipers that has turned into.
If that letter writer is uneducated and illiterate, I can lay claim to the vacant throne of Albania.
One pearl of wisdom he quoted: “Only Britain could colonise half the world and then leave the EU because it does not like immigrants.”
British people living in Spain who voted leave should remember that they are immigrants just like all the others. Looked at logically, they have asked the Spanish to throw them out.
I had plans to live long term in Spain but they are now ruined by the weak pound, which is down to Brexit. No doubt leave voters are whining about the weak pound. Well they caused it to crash.
Among all the lies, mainly from Leave, one true prediction was made before the referendum: David Cameron, who is from a banking family, said the pound would fall.
Well it crashed, Mr Cameron, thanks largely to you, the worst Prime Minister since Neville Chamberlain.
He led the country to disaster and then ran away, leaving Theresa May to carry the can.
In fact, he is a bit more like Edward VIII after the abdication crisis than Chamberlain. He ran away and left George VI to carry the can, stammer and all.

Phil Lewis


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