Money wasted at El Mojón


September 26

The basis of my email is the money wasted on the beach at el Mojón this year.
The promenade had to be rebuilt after the winter storms but the beach area has almost gone completely; the posidonia seagrass is mountainous and coming ashore all the time.
I have an article from the paper, yours, 10 years old and a letter I wrote to you, re the shoreline. Where is it? It seems that if the seaweeds were removed, then the beach would disappear completely!
Well guess what. It has gone and no matter how much algae is washed up or dumped from a wagon in the dead of night, it won’t bring the beach back!
Apparently a cunning plan is being drawn up which should please everyone? Starting next year? Well pardon me, I must have blinked and missed that.
The date of this article? Well you’re all probably thinking it’s a recent one – Costa Blanca News, August 17, 2007.

Sylvia fleck

Hi Sylvia,
Thanks for your letter. We did report on this 10 years ago as you point out. Town halls are at pains to stress that seaweed protects beaches. It acts at a net, which should, in theory, prevent sand from being washed away. In many cases this works.
However, sometimes erosion cannot be prevented and many beaches up and down the Costa have been affected. For example in Santa Pola the sea has encroached by around 50 metres in places in the last 50 years.
Global warming and the rising seas are to blame in many cases. As in other cases, new marinas have changed sea currents – and caused sand and beaches to be washed away.
We will ask San Pedro town hall for a reply to your observations and hopefully print a report in next week’s Costa Blanca News.

Cheers, Dave Jones


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