Embassy takes questions on coronavirus situation and other issues


The British Embassy in Madrid is hosting a ‘virtual drop-in session’ for UK nationals resident in Spain tomorrow (Wednesday) on their Facebook page – www.facebook.com/britsinspain

A spokeswoman for the Embassy encouraged residents to send their questions to the team.

She noted that as staff are currently working from home, ‘we are not able to do a Facebook Live Q&A as we’ve done in the past’.

“Instead, the idea is that we will put up a post inviting questions on Facebook at 13.00 (1pm) tomorrow and until 17.00 (5pm) and followers will be able to post their questions to us,” she stated.

“The session is aimed at residents and can cover concerns due to COVID-19 or how this impacts on the actions they need to take during the transition period – so it will be possible to raise questions relating to EU exit as well.

“Once we ‘close’ the session, we’ll review the questions asked and on the back of that produce a series of informative videos and a Q&A document to address the main questions and topics raised.”

More information can be found at www.facebook.com/britsinspain.

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