Calpe town hall leads the way with inclusion


March 13

Thanks to the forward thinking of Calpe town hall there is now the opportunity for people like me, keen to learn the local dialect, to meet up with and converse with some of the local Spanish residents. Language is not a problem as the common denominator is football. In this case, it’s walking football.
A group of us – aged between 50 and 75 – regularly get together on a Tuesday and Friday evening and play for an hour. For those of us no longer fit enough to compete in the Premiership, La Liga, the Bundas league or Ligue 1, walking football is the ideal substitute. It encourages fitness, helps to control weight and is a great way to make new friends of all nationalities.
The rules are simple – no running, no contact, only three touches and the ball must stay below waist height. It’s a more laid-back approach to football with all of the fun and thrills
There is also the opportunity to learn some new Spanish words each week. I myself have learnt several over the last few sessions along with one or two that don’t appear in my Spanish dictionary; my new teammates tell me they are terms of endearment.

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Walking football is not governed by gender, skin colour, nationality or ethnicity, nor by body shape or condition. All that you need is a pair of trainers suitable for playing on Astroturf, a love of the game and a sense of humour. Everyone is welcome. We play to have fun each week and the laughter comes as quickly as the goals. Even the less able among us get a fair share of the ball and show improvements each week.
So, if you’re interested in joining us, either contact me by the email on or just turn up at the football stadium in Calpe at 18.30 hours on Tuesdays and Fridays. You won’t regret it!
Our grateful thanks to Calpe town hall for making this possible.

Colin Field


  1. Hi Colin,

    Good to hear you guys are enjoying the game and congratulations also to Juan Belliure who started it in Calpe.
    We will be coming down during May to play with your teams, we will bring a +50’s and +60’s.
    Most of our players are ex FC Barcelona of different teams from 1st. team to ypung teams.
    The organizers are Steve Archibald ( ex Tottenham, Barcelona , Scotland) and Andrew SILVIO Sims Szegedi ex player in Australia and player of FC Barcelona veterans.


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