Gangs seized ‘in the act’

Drugs and illegal cigarettes seized in three separate operations

Suspects were caught loading large boxes of drugs into a lorry at Málaga's El Viso industrial estate

By Dave Jamieson

THREE police operations in the last fortnight have seen large quantities of drugs and contraband tobacco seized in Málaga. In two, suspects were caught in the act of handling the illegal goods and a number of arrests have been made.

National Police in the city of Málaga prevented 1,800 kilos of hashish being sent to northern Spain two weeks ago in an operation which began with the investigation of a fake rental document for a unit on the El Viso industrial estate. When officers went to the site, they came across three men loading large boxes into a lorry.

When the plain-clothes agents revealed their identity, one suspect fled in a vehicle but was quickly apprehended. All were detained, with a fourth suspect also identified and arrested, two of whom were later ordered to be held in custody.

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