Coronavirus – regional update (Wednesday)


Councillor for health in Valencia region, Ana Barceló has announced the figures relating to the coronavirus outbreak for the previous 24 hours.

A further 28 people have died in that time (seven more than the previous 24 hours) taking the total to 143 in the Valencia region.

Of these, 71 deaths have occurred in Alicante province, 61 in Valencia province, and 11 in Castellón.

A total of 41 of the deceased were residents in old people’s homes.

Sra Barceló noted that there have been 449 new cases of coronavirus – compared with 266 reported in the previous 24 hours.

Of these 229 were in Alicante province, 180 in Valencia province, and 40 in Castellón.

This brings the total to 2,616 – with 1,071 of the patients being treated in hospital and 198 in intensive care.

There are 858 cases in Alicante province – 348 in hospital and 61 in intensive care.

A total of 44 patients have made complete recoveries in the Valencia region.


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