Double murderer jailed

Man convicted of killing his wife in Sorbas and her employer in Níjar two years ago

The protest held at the time in Sorbas as a mark of respect to the murder victims

By Emma Randle

A man who cold-bloodedly shot his wife and her employer after suspecting them of having an affair has been handed a 36-year prison sentence by the Almería high court.

Diego García Galera, from Campohermoso, Níjar, was found guilty of killing the two victims in separate locations in Sorbas and Níjar in May 2015 using a shotgun.

An attempt by the defence to plead ‘pathological jealousy’ that affected his mental state was dismissed by the judge, who found that Galera acted “intentionally and with the aim of surprising his victims” deliberately taking two guns with him and choosing isolated locations at a quiet time of day.

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