Time to man-up and drink pink


Readers in more northern climes than here in Spain (Cork Talk is available online all over the world www.costa-news.com click Features, Cork Talk) might think that this is an odd time of year to be writing about Rosé wine. Spring is but a memory in Northern Europe; the summer has well and truly disappeared; umbrellas are out, and coats donned before leaving the house!
None of the above would appear to be conducive to drinking Rosé, a very seasonal wine, if ever there was one.
Here in Alicante province at the end of the first week in October (as I write) we are expecting temperatures to peak today at around 28ºC, perhaps, as it has done in the last few days, just climbing into the 30s. Swimming pools are still in use, the Mediterranean Sea too. So, we are continuing to enjoy a chilled Rosado, perchance with a cube of ice as well.

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