DO Plà de Bages


In wine terms, whenever Cataluña is mentioned we all probably think Cava first. These days, certainly if you’ve been reading Cork Talk over the last few years, we may also think other sparkling wines. However, Cataluña certainly isn’t just about Fizz.
At my last count (things change so quickly in such a dynamic wine scene), there were eleven different Denominaciónes de Origen, extra to DO Cava. Spanish wine lovers will probably think straight away of Penedés and Priorat – well done, but that’s still nine more to go.
One of the, not forgotten, as this presumes knowing it beforehand, specific areas of production, DOs, is Plà De Bages and, in common with others, we’d be making a mistake if we ignored it. It’s one of the smallest DOs in Spain, covering about 500 hectares (that’s about 500 rugby pitches!). It’s also one of the newest as it was only officially founded in 1997.
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