Cava de Paraje Calificado – An update


It’s something of an on-going saga, I know, but judging by the postbag I receive from avid readers (come on, I’m a journalist, exaggeration is what we do) the subject of the new eponymous Cava designation, above, has not yet become tedious. Indeed, there continues to be considerable interest in DO Cava’s attempt to bring Cava up to the level of the world’s finest sparkling wines, both in reality and also in the perception of the consumer.
For too long, cava has been perceived as a far cheaper alternative to Champagne, albeit lacking anything like the excellence of the great French Fizz, but at these prices – who’s complaining?! Well, regular readers will know that gargantuan steps have been made regarding this promotion, and importantly, re upping the quality too. Those of us who have taken off the blinkers (if we ever had them on) and tasted what are now called Premium Cavas (this is a part of DO Cava’s successful promotional drive) will know that in fact, there has always been excellent Cava, vying with Sparkling Wine from our illustrious neighbour.

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