General election – Spain unlikely to turn right


Even though the Partido Popular (PP) won the most seats in Sunday’s general election (136) they do not have enough representation in Congress to form a majority government with far-right party Vox.

Last night, Pedro Sánchez said he will make a bid to rule, after his Socialist party (PSOE) won two more seats than in 2019. With his party’s 122 seats, the PSOE could be returned to power if they gain the backing of the same parties that allowed them to be invested in 2019 – although additional support is required from Cataluña.

Their biggest hurdle will be the Catalan nationalist party Junts, which appeared to be open to negotiation but said last night that they won’t put Pedro Sánchez into power ‘for nothing’.

Meanwhile PP leader Alberto Núñez Feijóo said: “I want to form a government and I am going to start a dialogue with the other parties.”

Full report and updates in Friday’s Costa Blanca News



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