Alicante Port gangs


October 25

I thought it would be my civil duty to notify/warn the residents in the Alicante Port region. Over the weekend of the Volvo, there was a group of Northern Africans robbing/pickpocketing people. I was approached on the road from the Casino to the Explanada by three men who stole my mobile phone from my pocket (which had credit cards etc. in it).
I immediately realised and confronted them and they ran off. Because I was on holiday, I could not contact anyone so my whole family were worried (was catching a flight that same day).
When I returned home, my mates who were also in the port were also approached and also lost their watches and sunglasses! This seems to be an epidemic (which I find very sad, for I always felt safe in Alicante). Could you warn your readers simply to be vigilant around the port area and be very careful!

Kevin Robinson

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