Orihuela Costa neglected


La Zenia
May 21

There is little doubt that I not only write on my own behalf, but on behalf of the many Spanish and non-Spanish people living on the Orihuela Costa.

I have been holidaying on the beautiful Orihuela Costa for over fifteen years and now live in La Zenia with business interests in La Florida (The Emerald Isle) and in Playa Flamenca (The Celtic Isle and La Zenia Garden Oriental Restaurant).

As a very proud Irish man who loves to welcome people to see the beauty of Ireland, over the years I have also told people about a real gem in Spain, that is the Orihuela Costa. There are many proud Spanish people I know who love to talk about the beautiful Orihuela Costa with its blue flag beaches, shops, restaurants and tourist attractions.

However, over the past few years it is very noticeable to everybody (both locals and visitors) that there is dreadful neglect of the area by the local government in Orihuela, who we are reliably told prefer to spend the taxes generated on the Costa in other areas other than the Costa itself.

The absolute neglect of areas like Villamartin, Los Dolses, La Florida, Punta Prima, Cabo Roig and La Zenia is too clear to be seen. The roads with their many pot holes are in a dreadful state, weeds grow from most roads and pathways, trees and green areas are unkept, garden and furniture rubbish is left uncollected at bin sites for 3 to 4 weeks at a time, most of the public bins are broken meaning older people can’t open them so they leave their rubbish beside the bin for dogs and birds to pick at. As a result, flies and cockroaches infest areas close by to the bins. Run off areas leading to beaches are clogged with debris and bits of rubbish.

There are so many proud Spanish people who are very frustrated by the Local Government’s inaction to deal with these problems above and you are in serious danger of killing the goose that lays the golden egg. The many non-Spanish people who live in the area and pay their taxes here are also frustrated by the dreadful deterioration of what once was the most beautiful place in Spain.

It’s time to make the Orihuela Costa both great and beautiful again. Only you people can do it!!

Thank you,
Brendan Moran

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  1. Well said Brendan. Whilst I do not live in the area I have holidayed in the area for the past 12 years mainly in Villamartin. I now know by experience where the dodgy pavements , etc are and am surprised at the lack of improvement to the infrastructure considering the many luxury developments in the area.

  2. The infrastructure is the least of our problems, it’s the rubbish left by ‘people’ in the area. Plastic floats in the beaches and in the sea, and is scattered in every natural space, and has gotten worse year after year.

    And ‘people’ just walk by without a care in the world. If everyone truly cared about ‘Orihuela Costa’ including ‘proud’ Spanish people then they would take responsibility for the environment they so call love and enjoy.

    Remember we built these infrastructures for our own pleasure, all whilst destroying the land and nature around it. And I believe our failure to change, will slap us in the face of Karma.

    So forget the doggy pavements, and weeds over growing, because the real issue is the constant destruction of the natural environment, which actually serves a purpose.

    I would have thought that living in an area with more ‘elder-wiser-people’ would mean they would take more notice and responsibility of this… because after all us young folk are usually redeemed naive and careless.

    If you can do your bit today, and perhaps everyday, and not rely on governments, then you have just taken responsibility of your life. That’s all it takes.


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