Mil Palmeras maintenance


February 9, 2018

I have lived in a small village, Mil Palmeras, which is part of Pilar de la Horadada, for many years. I live in a property called Vikingos, but as the years have progressed since I have lived here, the deterioration of the area has become ridiculously obscene. Nobody wants to take responsibility for the maintenance, steps are crumbling, walls are falling down, parks and gardens are full of weeds, roads are full of pot holes. I think you get the message. The place is looking like a slum. We are not on our own as other areas within Mil Palmeras have the same predicament as ourselves.
We are always told that we are an urbanisation, so it is the owners’ responsibility, but since “Masa” deserted the area 30 years ago nothing has been done. Recently I heard that a few Spanish residents have asked the council to intervene and the mayor of Pilar seemed to be very sympathetic and said he would put it to the full council for approval, but as the mayor’s party is in a minority, the PP party voted it down. I don’t want to get political, we could go on forever about what politicians do!
I am sure Mil Palmeras is not alone with its problems and others will have the same situation. Does anybody know of any solutions that could help? Is there a time limit when old property that has been left unmaintained for a number of years? By the way, most of the properties that are without maintenance were built in the 1980\90s.
In Mil Palmeras there is a residents’ association which does a very good job and managed to improve the village that is the responsibility of the council. The excellent beaches, main roads, municipal parks all cleaned regularly and visitors always say how lovely it is.
If only the areas were maintained to the same standard as those which most visitors see!

Name withheld at reader’s request

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