Is surfing forbidden in Orihuela Costa? Yes, it is


July 10

Good morning:
We want to inform you of a newsworthy event that will take place every Sunday during the months of July and August and that may be of interest to you.
For several years and throughout the year, surfing has been practiced on the beach of Cala Cerrada (Orihuela – Alicante) despite the fact that a town hall municipal ordinance prohibits it. In the low season, this sport can be practiced with total normality even counting on the permissiveness of the local police, something for which we are very grateful.
The problem begins in high season, July and August, when bathers arrive. Although surfers and sunbathers share the beach with normality and respect, there is always somebody who is bothered by the presence of boards, calls the police and as is their duty, they order surfers out of the water and remind them, one more year, that the practice of surfing is prohibited, according to the aforementioned ordinance.
All this creates an annoying situation and difficult to understand even for some bathers who see surfing as a sport and a pleasant spectacle to contemplate. And, above all, it gives rise to a very difficult situation to explain to children who have to get out of the water and contemplate how their parents argue with the police for defending the sport that their children love and that these children, today, cannot practice in conditions of legality and safety.
We ask, therefore, that all media support us to get Orihuela town hall to revise a clearly unjust and outdated ordinance in force that prohibits the practice of surfing. So that bathers and surfers can share the beach, enjoy the sea and that practice of this sport is carried out in conditions of legality, security, good coexistence and respect for those who do not practice it.

Thank you very much
Juan Cerón
“The best surfer on the beach is the one
with the biggest smile on the water.” Nat Young

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