English’ parliament


July 3, 2017

I was amused by the letter from Patricia Hanson in the above edition in which she begins by saying “Watched English Parliament today about EU nationals living here”.
It is not clear whether “here” is in UK or Spain, but my main point is that she refers to the “English” parliament when referring of course to the UK parliament.
As a generalisation, for English people to constantly refer to matters plainly British as “English” is an insult to the good folk of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, from where I originate. It is no wonder that nationalism is rife in the Celtic nations when we are treated with such disdain by fellow Brits.
Turning to her other point about a doctor charging €150 for effectively a “house call”, I am not sure that the situation would be any different in the UK, where house calls are virtually non-existent today, of course. If this person had visited the local medical centre with their European Health Card, they too would have enjoyed free treatment.

Graham Powell


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