Brexit poem



October 23

Dear Editor.

Are you as fed up with BREXIT as the rest of us?

I write fun and comic poetry. Thought you might like this.


Bye bye Britain

I know that it’s important cos my life is here in Spain,

But all this talk of Brexit has become a tiresome pain,

It’s spouted daily on the news, it’s just been on again,

I wish it wasn’t happening, I wish we could remain.

The vote was o’er a year ago and people voted out,

The info we were given full of fantasy and doubt,

Money for the NHS did Boris Johnson shout,

And Theresa May who voted in is now supporting out.

So here we are, no wiser, as we fumble on the ground,

Getting out of Europe isn’t easy we have found,

The whole thing is a bloody mess, the talks go round and round,

They need to get it sorted quick, it’s ruining the pound.

David spat his dummy out and left it all to May,

Europe says deserting ship means Britain has to pay,

Boris says we’re paying nought, there is no chance, no way,

The future isn’t looking bright, it’s turning dark and grey.

As the people voted out then Brexit must be done,

But talking on the telly news has all been overdone,

Whether it’s a rotten deal, the time has come to run,

As long as I can stay in Spain and live here in the sun.

Bye bye Britain, bye bye bye, it’s time to say goodbye,

I’ll pop back every now and then to say a sunny hi,

Brexit is in motion and the time is almost nig,h

So bye bye Britain, with a sigh, it’s time to say goodbye.

John Sharples





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