Breast cancer scanning


Alfaz del Pi
May 26, 2017

Ref the letter from the eminent surgeons Sres. Jones.
They made very valid comments based on professional opinion. Whether they feel the campaign to change the policy of the directors of the Spanish Health service is a good one or not – my personal view is that anything that encourages women of any age to keep a check for any changes in their breasts can only be a good thing.
That said, unnecessary X-rays are certainly not desirable.
However, I would like to direct attention to the scanner that is operated by the AECC – Asociación Española Contra el Cancer – at their provincial HQ in Alicante. This equipment was purchased through the efforts of the whole community of the Costa Blanca at the instigation and encouragement of the Costa Blanca News Group.
This scanner takes digital images NOT X-rays. Since it began work 100’s of women of all ages have passed through it and without doubt lives have been saved.
The policy today of the AECC is that women between the ages of 46 and 69 are not given appointments and screened unless their own doctor requests it, but should apply through their local Centro de Salud. However women outside those parameters or not covered by the Spanish health system can apply for appointments.
Appointments for “smear” tests are offered to women of any age. The cost is a minimal donation to AECC made at the Alicante Centre.

Thank you
Pamela Dawson Tasker BEM
Presidenta AECC Junta Local Alfaz

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