Banks and the TIE card

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November 6

Greetings Mr Editor,

I have a situation that I hope through your many contacts, may well be able to sort out once and for all.

This request is basically to you, and your experts, but should you feel the query, and answer would be of benefit to other readers then please go ahead, and print it in the CBN.

Yesterday, I went to my local bank, together with my wife. Although I already have a current account there, I intended to open up a second one, but this time jointly with my wife. For me there was no problem, but was unable to include my wife.

This we were informed was because since Brexit, her passport was not a valid form of ID. Naturally I challenged this as she, and the details, within the passport, including photo have not changed, but to no avail.

She now can only be included, if she obtains a TIE card. We have lived in Jávea for over 30 years now, we have our green certificates, and continuous ‘pádrons’. I informed him that we have applied for the TIEs with all relevant papers, including the historical ‘pádron’ and are awaiting appointments, but although I can open up the new account as I already have one with the bank, my wife cannot be included until this new card has arrived.

When we holiday anywhere in Spain, the hotel at which we arrive at is quite happy to accept our passports, as proof of ID but it would seem this bank, or maybe all banks, are different animals.

The point that I am attempting to make is. Every time I hear on local news, or read in CBN, about people having problems at airports, and other venues when showing their green papers, we are always assured that there is absolutely no difference to our rights whether you have a green paper or the new card.

Even the Consulate say so. But what we experienced yesterday appears that this is not correct, unless my bank has a bolshy attitude now towards Brits.

My conclusion therefore is. If I now landed on these shores for the first time from the UK intending to buy a holiday property, I would not be able to, as my only ID would be my passport, which according to this bank is not acceptable, and of course, if I did not intend to be a resident, I would not be applying for the TIE so would not be accepted. Surely this is not right.

I would therefore be grateful if any of your experts could confirm if my bank is correct in their stance, or not, and how do first time arrivals get on. I am now totally confused, and unsure as to who to believe when listening, or reading.

Many thanks,
G.D Johnson

Dear Mr Johnson,
I am sorry to hear about the problem that you encountered at your bank. We are aware that different institutions seem to be making up their own rules over this issue, while we are assured by the Embassy that the green certificate remains valid and that the TIE card is not compulsory.
Despite this you may have seen an interview we conducted recently with the Ambassador in which he advised Britons to apply for the TIE card sooner rather than later.
Regarding your particular situation, I spoke to a British government source about your predicament this week and they said that they were aware that some UK nationals had experienced problems with banks, particularly one specific bank which we won’t be able to name. However, in their words ‘this issue should now be resolved’.
Their advice is that ‘if the couple continue to experience problems, they should submit a formal complaint to the bank’.
I hope this helps.
Best of luck,
The Editor

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