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May 28, 2016

I purchased my small casa in the campo in 2004. The only access is my drive at the far end of the property. My mains water meter and pipes to the property run down the far side of this drive. The other side of the drive belongs to a Spanish owner. The Spanish property which runs along the dirt road with two accesses and more if he wished has never used my drive and when he damaged it using the rotator he said it was my drive and he would fix it, which he duly did. My property is behind his and the other sides are not accessible in any way (unless I purchased a large piece of land which I do not want to do).
However after an unrelated meeting with my solicitor about my deeds, he pointed out that this drive was not on the plans and the Spanish could take it off me. Leaving me without any access. He said it was possible to sort out and make this drive legal. However I am worried. Do any of your readers or team know if there is such a thing as squatter’s rights? Or know anything about this sort of thing? As I have had sole use of this drive for 12 years.
I realise I need professional help with this and will continue with the solicitor. But weirdly, the man next door has had a local fence erector firm measuring my gate (I am fenced and gated all around the property except the drive and it is worrying me.

Yours sincerely
Barbara Howman

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