Albox houses ‘regularised’

First homes in Andalucía to benefit from recent changes in planning law

Maura Hillen (left), politicians and planning officials at the signing

By Emma Randle

Ten illegally built houses bought in good faith by expat buyers have been regularised in Albox, under new laws allowing registration in the land registry and access to basic services.

The homes are the first in the region to benefit from the new laws, which associations such as the AUAN in Almería and SOHA in Málaga have been fighting to bring in for nine years.

The provisions apply to houses that are at least six years old, provided they are not in a flood plain or special protection area.

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  1. Would have been of interest to know how much this legalisation process cost the homeowners, many home owners all over Andalucia are afraid it will cost them too much to change their house status, as described in the article.


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